Jan Lenoff

Jan Lenoff

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First Name * Jan
Last Name * Lenoff
Username * JanLenoff
Country * United Kingdom
City Bracknell
Nationality Polish
Languages EnglishPolish




Hi. I am Jan Lenoff . I live near London. Since early Childhood I have been interested in art and I used to draw in every second of spare time that I had.I think Art is one thing I love to do and I can do well. Till now I continually draw. But during the whole period of growing up I neither attended art schools not had any drawing lessons, I “studied” painting by myself. For a short period of time I studied at the Fine Arts Academy but gave it up and began to earn a living from design work for firms, institutions and advertising agencies. Since that time I have generally been working on the computer. I always been a fan of various techniques of creating pictures, and now, mixing hand drawing with the computer gives me lot of pleasure. All my objects are drawn by hand, I use neither photographs nor photomontage. I use various typical painting computer programmes to draw 2D objects and model in 3D technique. I am inspired by Zdzislaw Beksinski, Jacek Yerka, Max Ernst, west-European symbolists, the middle ages and early Renaissance sacral painting. For few years now I have been focused on my individual artistic work by making illustrations, pictures and functional designs for publishers, editors and magazines. My mission in artistic work is spreading the Beauty which should be a source of joy and happiness for the people and make people think about the rules of living. I hope you will have as much joy viewing my pictures as I had making them. Enjoy.